About the Area

I would like to give you my perspective about living in Pullman over the past 40 years. During the time I spent my childhood to the present day, Pullman has grown in population, size, and economically. The University has increased its enrollment to nearly 22,000 students, coupled with several thriving global industries based here in Pullman has perpetuated an increase in employment, retailing, and tax revenue to the economy.

Our small town atmosphere is still prominent, but the global aspect of industry, agriculture, and education is very evident. These ingredients make this small city very unique and diverse. People from all over the world are drawn to this community due to one of these factors.

The public school system is one of Pullman’s greatest assets. Our elementary schools, middle school and high school are one of the very best in the state. The curriculums as well as aptitude tests are also ranked much higher than the national average. Pullman High School (soon to have a brand new facility) turns out over 95% of their graduates going to higher education.

There are so many activities for kids to be a part of. Having three of my own sends me in different directions. Tell me where can you go and pick up your child at soccer practice, swim lessons, and theater class all within 10 minutes? Pullman Parks and Recreation programs offer excellent programs to get kids, teens, adults and seniors involved. There are many activities and clubs to be a part of, from soccer clubs, golf league, bowling, biking, fishing, hiking, cooking, to basket weaving!

The Palouse region offers plenty to do in just a short distance away. Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing and boating on the Snake River are less than a half hour away. If you’re a Skier or ride snowmobiles, that can be 90 minutes to two hours and have several mountains within Idaho and Washington to choose from. Our micro climates will even permit you to golf in the Lewiston/Clarkston valley 30 minutes away in the middle of January.